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Soldbuch Luftwaffe/award documents - "Luftgau Mosk

Soldbuch with 3 documents of "Unteroffizier" Anton Bergler who served within a "Lw.Bau Rgt."(pioneer unit).

With this unit Bergler served under difficult conditions in "Luftgau Moskau" (Moscow).

1) Soldbuch shows entries like "Karabiner 98 k" and "Ausgabe d.Winterbekleidung" (winter uniform issue).
Unfortunately page 21/22 is missing.

2)Bergler was awarded the KvK II m.Schw.which is signed by "Der kommandierende General und Befehlshaber im Luftgau Moskau" Fischer (Generalleutnant).

3) "Ostmedaille" citiation dated 10-8-1942 and signed by the regimental commander.

4) "Anerkennung" (recognition decision) certificate to all members of the pioneer unit as they have served in "Erdkampf" around Juchnow (Russia).

Altogether an interesting grouping.