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Deathcard - Fschj./SS-Pz.Div."Wiking" - Wacker

Deathcard set of the 2 brothers Heinz and Hans Wacker who were both KIA shorthly one after the other.

1) Heinz Wacker was KIA at Catania (Sicily) serving as "Oberjäger" within a Fschj.Rgt.

2) Hans Wacker served as a "SS-Sturmmann" within SS-Pz.Div. "Wiking" as he was killed on 7-8-1943

3) Combined deathcard of Heinz and Hans.


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"Annahmeschein" (acceptance translucent) - "Waffen-SS" - Meinel

"Annahmeschein" (acceptance translucent) of Siegfried Meinel who volenteered for service in the "Waffen-SS".

Nice filled-in hard to find example!!

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Soldbuch / drivers-license WH (Heer) - 84.Inf.Div. - Normandie - Seeger

1) Soldbuch of "Stabswachtmeister der Reserve" Walter Seeger who served within (mot.) Art.Rgt.184 of the 84.Inf.Div.

Within this unit ,Seeger participated in fightings in the Normandie!!

Seeger was awarded the "Dienstauszeichnung 4.Klasse" ,the "Dienstauszeichnung 3.Klasse" and the KvK II m.Schw.

2) "Wehrmacht-Führerschein" (drivers-license)

3) "Wehrmachtjagdschein" (army hunting-license) which has been issued in Rouen (France)

Nice "Normandy" artillery "Stabswachtmeister"!!

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Single award document WH (Heer) - Panzergruppe 1 - Kart

EK II award document of "Gefreiten" Kart who served within Panzer Gruppe Nachrichten Rgt.1 of the Panzergruppe 1.

The document has been signed by "Generaloberst" Ewald von Kleist (RK 15-5-1940,EL 17-2-1943, Schw.30-3-1944) !!!!

Although the document has been slightly cut ,it bears the original hand signed signature of the late "Generalfeldmarschall" von Kleist which is very hard to find!!

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Soldbuch WH (Heer) "Ballon Batterie 102" - Stug..Brigade 259 - Polten.

Soldbuch of "Unteroffizier" Herbert Polten who served within several interesting units.

During his wartime career Polten served within artillery related units.
The most interesting of them was undoubtedly the "Ballon Batterie 102" (crew members were lifted up in balloons to observe areas and instruct artillery units).

End of 1943 Polten served Within Stu.Gesch.Brigade 259 which was under command of the 3.Geb.Div.
By the time Polten served within this unit it was involved in heavy fightinngs around Saparoshje and Nikopol (Dnjepr)

Polten was awarded the KvK II m.Schw.and the "Ostmedaille" for his efforts.
Polten was promoted to "Oberwachtmeister"

Page 11,12,13,14 are missing but there have been some added too.

A rare and interesting Soldbuch!

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Single award document / deathcard/letter WH (Heer) - 93.Inf.Div. - Geraldy

EK II award document of "Obergefreiten" Laurentius Geraldy who served within the 93.Inf.Div.

1)Nice early EK II award document which has been signed by "Generalleutnant" and divisional commander Otto Tiemann (DKiG 19-12-1941 ,RK 28-4-1943)

2) Deathcard of Geraldy.

3) Letter of Geraldys company commander which states that Geraldy was killed by the blast of a grenade.

Sad story / nice document +!

Code: 53562Price: 95.00 EUR

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Soldbuch Luftwaffe - 10.Feld-Division - Klose

Soldbuch of "Leutnant" Herbert Klose who served within several different Luftwaffe units before he started to serve within the 10.Feld-Division.

With this division ,Klose served at the Leneingrad area under command of "Heeresgruppe Nord".

The last unit Klose served within was Flieger Rgt.71 which acted in Southern France.

Klose was awarded the "Medaille zür Erinnerung 1-10-1938" ,the KvK II m.Schw. , the EK II and (issued at the same day) the "Luftwaffernerdkampfabzeichen" for his efforts!!

2) comes with some related extras.

Interesting Soldbuch with nice "Schirmmütze" (peaked visor) entry picture of a commanding officer!!

Code: 53561Price: 235.00 EUR

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Award document grouping Luftwaffe - Fsch.Jäger Rgt.1 - "Kreta" - Galle

Award document grouping of "Geftreiten" Kurt Galle who served within Fschj.Rgt.1 of the 1.Fschj.Div.

1) "Fallschirmschützenabzeichen" award document which has been issued on 11-6-1940.

The document has been signed by "Der Chef des Luftwaffenpersonalsambts" Karl Barlen.

2) BWB award document which has been issued due to Galles injury on the second day of the Crete operation (Merkur) and which has been signed by the regimental commander "Oberst" Bruno Bräuer (RK 24-5-1940)

Bräuer was awarded the KC for his efforts during the actions in Holland in Mai 1940.

Bräuer was shot on 20-5-1947 in Greece due to committing warcrimes in Greece.

3) "Ärmelband Kreta"(Crete) citation which bears the printed signature of "General der Flieger" Kurt Student.

4) "Ärmelband Afrika" citation for service in Africa.

5) A4 size BWB award document which has been issued in Wien (Vienna)

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Photo postcard - "Fallschirmjäger" - Italy 1943

Postcard photo of a "Fallschirmjäger" who was statiopned in Italy in 1943.

Although the photo shows some damage due to removal from photoalbum , a great image!!

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Wehrpaß - Luftwaffe - Stuka Geschw.3 - Meyer

Wehrpaß of "Oberfeldwebel" Alfred Meyer who served within several different units before he served within Sturzkampfgeschwader 3.

Meyer was awarded the "Schießauszeichnung Gruppe B" (Stüfe 1 u.2) ,"Segelflügprüfung C" ,"Dienstauszeichnung IV" ,"Flugzeugführerabzeichen" (Nr.118601/43) and the 'Medaillle zur Erinnerung 1-10-1938'.

Meyer was KIA on 2-10-1943 during a mission at the Crimea peninsula (Russia).


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