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Single award document WH (Heer) - 1.Geb.Div. - Kerbl

BWB award document of "Obergefreiten" Heinrich Kerbl who served within Radfahr Abt.54 (bicycle reconnaissance unit) of the 1.Geb.Div.

The document has been signed by "Hauptmann" Mayr.

Comes with a small photo of Kerbl.

Unusual nice BWB document !!

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Single award document WH (Heer) - 330.Inf.Div. - Bucher

BWB award document of "Feldwebel" Emil Bucher who served within Inf.Rgt. 555 of the 330.Inf.Div.

The document has been issued at Reserve Lazarett I in Bad-Nauheim.

Very nice condition and nicely filled-in document!!

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Single award document WH (Heer) - "Vermessungs-Zug Manfred" - Hahn

KvK II m.Schw. award document of "Obergefreiten" Helmut Hahn who served within "Vermessungs-Zug Manfred".

This special unit measured electro-magnetic fields to adjust compasses etc.(this differs sometimes)

The document has been signed by "Der Generalquartiermeister" in the rank of "Generalleutnant" Eduard Wagner.

He became a conspirator against Adolf Hitler. When Claus von Stauffenberg sought approval for an assassination attempt on 15 July 1944, he was cited as being definite that the assassination of Hitler should only be attempted if Heinrich Himmler was also present. On 20 July 1944, he arranged the airplane that flew Stauffenberg from Rastenburg back to Berlin after the bomb believed to have killed Hitler had exploded.[7]

After the failure of the coup attempt, he feared that his arrest by the Gestapo was imminent and that he might be forced to implicate other plotters. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at noon on 23 July 1944.(source Wikipedia)

Wagner committed suicide on 23-7-1944 in Zossen

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Single award document WH (Heer) - Reichert

"Deutsche Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen" award document of "Schützen" Georg Reichert.

The document was issued by "Der Befehlshaber im Wehrkreis XIII" Friedrich von Cochenhausen (printed signature).

Seldom seen attractive "Deutsche Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen" award document !!

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Award document grouping WH (Heer) - 296.Inf.Div. - Halser

Award document grouping of "Unteroffizier" Heinrich Halser who served within Inf.Rgt.520 of the 296.Inf.Div.

1) Attractive A4 size 'Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber' award document which has been signed by "Oberstleutnant" Hans Hüttner (RK 4-9-1942).

Hüttner ended his military career as "Festungs Kommandant" IJmuiden (Holland).

2) EK II award document which has been signed by "Generalmajor" and divisional commander Karl Faulenbach.

3) EK I award document which has been signed by "Generalleutnant" and divisional commander Arthur Kullmer (RK 27-10-1943 ,EL 28-2-1945)

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Soldbuch/Wehrpaß - HG - KIA Italy - von Eisenhart-Rothe.

Soldbuch/Wehrpaß of Luftwaffe "Schütze" Harald von Eisenhart-Rothe who served within Fsch.Pz.Pi.Btl. H.G.

Von Eisenhart-Rothe was trained in Utrecht (Holland) and had also been at Flakart.Schiessplatz Harderwijk (Holland) for "Ausbildung".

After he had his basic pioneer training in Holland ,von Eisenhart-Rothe served within Fsch.Pz.Pi.Btl. H.G.and participated in fightings in Italy.

On 16-2-1944 von Eisenhart-Rothe was KIA during "Angriff ünd Stürm aüf Brücke Cannüccia" (attack and assault at the Mussolini bridge) at Borgo-Podgora (Italy).

This set comes with a nice "Division Hermann Göring" Annahmeschein 9acceptance slip) and a "Beurteilung" (assessment) of von Eisenhart-Rothe.

Great "Anzio bridgehead" H.G. Soldbuch/Wehrpaß !!
The Wehrpaß also states

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Award document grouping WH (Heer) / Waffen-SS - 544. Gren-Div. - Stange

Award document grouping of "SS-Hauptsturmführer" Hans Stange who served within Gren.Rgt.1082 of the 544.Gren.Div.

The 544.Gren.Div.was part of the XI. SS-Armeekorps which probably explains the position of "SS-Hauptsturmführer" Hans Stange.

1) EK II award document which has been signed by "Generalmajor" and divisional commander Werner Ehrig (RK 25-5-1940,DKiG 14-7-1944)

2) BWB award document which has been issued at "Feldlazarett 150".

3) "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber" which has been signed by "Oberstleutnant" Alois Graf (RK 30-4-1945)

Unusual combination !!

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Wehrpaß Luftwaffe - 1.Nacht Jagd Div. - Holland - Schröter

Wehrpaß of Kürt Schröter who served different units as "Flügmelder".
The most interesting unit is probably Ln.Rgt.211 (Luftnachrichten Rgt.) within the 1.Nacht Jagd Div.during in Holland .

It seems that Schröter has been in Russian captivity.

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Single award document WH (Heer) - 86.Inf.Div. - Banneke

Seldom seen attractive BWB award document of "Obergefreiten" Johann Banneke who served within Inf.Rgt.184 of the 86.Inf.Div.

The document has been issued in Würzburg and has been signed by "Stabarzt" Dr.Marx.

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Soldbuch WH (Heer) - 58.Inf.Div. - Nordmeyer

1) Soldbuch of "Oberleutnant" Marx Nordmeyer who served within Pz.Jg.Abt.158 of the 58.Inf.Div.

Nordmeyer was awaded the E.K.II ,the EK I ,the BWB (at the same day) and the "Ostmedaille". for his efforts during the fightings in Belgium and Russia.

Nordmeyer bought himself a "Pistole Modell 27- 7,".

Nordmeyer has been promoted to "Oberleutnant" on 2-2-1945 while he served within Pz.Jäg.Abt.190 of the 190.Inf.Div.under command of Generalleutnant Ernst Hammer.
With this unit ,Norderrmeyer participated in fightings in the Venlo/Wesel/Ruhrkessel area !!!

2) Half "Erkennungsmarke" (dogtag) !!

3) "Wehrmacht-Führerschein" (drivers-license).

Great "Oberleutnant" Soldbuch grouping!!

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