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Single award document WH (Heer) - Pz.Rgt.11 "v.Hünersdorff" - 6.Pz.Div. - Lohenstein

"Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber II Stufe" award document of "Obergefreiten" Walter Lohenstein who served within Pz.Rgt.11 of the 6.Pz.Div.

This regiment was added the name "von Hünersdorff" as its former regimental commander and later divisional commander was wounded twice on one day during the heavy fightings at Charkow ,and was awarded the Eichenlaub zum Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes while he was hospitalized.

As v.Hünersdorff died of wounds 3 days later ,von Hünersdorff was promoted postumously to " Generalleutnant " .

A rare and attractive special regimental award document!!!

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Soldbuch WH (Heer) Oberstabsintendant-Müller
Soldbuch of Wilhelm Müller who served as "Stabszahlmeister" (paymaster) and finally as "Oberstabsintendant".

The Soldbuch starts witth a great picture of Müller who had a interesting career within the German army.
Müller started his career in WW I as he was awarded several times.

During WW II he was awarded the KvK II m.Schw. ,the "Ostmedaille" ,the KvK I.m.Schw.and the "Offizierskreuz des Ordens der Ungarischen Heiligen Krone mit Kriegsdekoration mit Schwertern".

Müller owned 2 different handguns during his service in Russia and France.

Interesting unusual Soldbuch that needs further research!

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Award document grouping WH (Heer) Art.Abt. (mot.) 900 - "Lehr-Brigade 900".- Kuhr

Award document grouping of "Gefreiten" Gunther Kuhr who served with Art.Abt. (mot.) 900 as part of the "Lehr-Brigade 900".
With this "Lehr-Brigade 900" it supported the 3.Pz.Armee in Russia.
The "Lehr-Brigade 900" were eqiuped with "Sturmgeschütze" and "Schützenpanzerwagen".

1) "Feldmäsige" (field issue) of the "Sturmabzeichen" award document signed by "Oberst und Brigadekommandeur" Walther Krause (RK 10-6-1943)

2) SWB award document dated 24-12-1941 and signed by the unit commander.

3) EK II award document dated which has been signed by "Generalmajor und Kommandeur 14.Inf.Div.(mot) Peter Weyer ( DKiS 31-3-1943).

4) EK I award document which has been signed by "Oberst und Brigadekommandeur" Walther Krause (RK 10-6-1943)

5) "Ostmedaille" award document which has been signed by a major and unit commander.

Starting as a "Gefreiten" Kuhr was finally promoted to "Leutnant"

It comes with a promotion certificate dated 7-8-1942.

There are 4 award documents in unfolded condition !

Nice grouping!

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Dutch propaganda poster "Nederlandsche Ambulance"

Beautiful example of Dutch propaganda!

A fine mix of bright colours and artistic skills.

With this poster the government tried to raise funds for a new to start small medical wing to support the Dutch volunteer unit in Russia.

The funds raised were used to obtain some neccesary vehicles and equipment.

Size 80 x 109. Very nice condition.

The pictures were taken in a glass frame and might not do any right to the high quality of this beauty.

Hard to get and a real piece of art without any questionable markings which makes it suitable in any living and/or room!!

Code: 53186Price: 1250.00 EUR

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Soldbuch/Wehrpass-set WH (Luftwaffe) - Bau Batl. - Eich

Great set comprising of a Wehrpass/Soldbuch and a promotion-document belonging to Hermann Eich.

Eich served mainly with various LW Bau- and/or Pionier units in Holland, Russia and Norway.

Eich was awarded the Ostmedaille and KvK II m.Schw.

The Soldbuch is well filled-in and shows several glued-in interesting "Merkblätter".

The promotion-document has been printed in the Netherlands!

It comes with a nice Luftwaffe pioneer remembrance-print.

One of those underestimated units!

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Wehrpass/combat days list - WH (Heer) 101 Jäger Div.-Zwink

"Zweitschrift" (second edition) of Wehrpass of Franz Zwink who served with Jäger Rgt.229 as part of the 101 Jäger Div.

Zwink served as a pioneer and was awarded the "Infanterie- Stürmabzeichen" and the BwB.

Not fillid-inn well but what makes it above average is the list for 9 close combat days and the list for 9 "Stürmtage" (assault days).

Code: 53184Price: 140.00 EUR

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Propagandaposter " Weersportkampen" 1943

Propaganda poster to encourage young Dutchmen to participate in the so-called "Weersportkampen" which was a semi military trainings facility controled by the German authorities.

It measures 55 x 80 cm,s
Decorative piece when framed!

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"Dienstbuch" O.T. (Organsation Todt) - Kaiser

"Dienstbuch" O.T. (Organsation Todt) - Kaiser

"Dienstbuch" of Nikolaus Kaiser who served with Organsation Todt.
Kaiser has been serving as a "Frontarbeiter" and was therefore involved in dangerous circumstances.

This Dienstbuch has never had a picture attached!

Kaiser has been engaged in fightings around Moscow and in "Stellungskämpfe" (proposition battles) with "Heeresgruppe Mitte" and some others.

Kaiser was awarded the "Ostmedaille",and the KvK II m.Schw. for his efforts.

On 27-4-1943 Kaiser was discharged of duty.

Great and not often seen O.T. "Frontarbeiter" Dienstbuch with battle and award entries!

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Award document grouping WH (Heer) 16.Inf.Div.-116.Pz.Div.(Windhund)-Riede

Award document grouping WH (Heer) 16.Inf.Div.-116.Pz.Div.(Windhund)-Riede

Award document grouping of Wachtmeister Urban Riede who served within Art.Rgt. (mot) 146 as part of the 16.Inf.Div.

1) Ostmedaille award document.

2) KvK IIm.Schw.award document which is handsigned by Generalleutnant und Kdr.16.Inf.Div.Sigfrid Henrici (RK 13-10-1941,EL 9-12-1943)

3) Schw.abz.award document which is issued in Res.Laz.( Friedrichroda.

4) EK II award document as Riede served with 116.Pz.Div.(Windhund) and which is handsigned by Generalleutnant und Kdr.der 116.Pz.Div.Gerhard Helmuth Detlef Graf von Schwerin (RK 17-1-1942,EL 17-5-1943,Schw. 4-11-1943)

This grouping comes with the dogtag of Riede as he served with Art.Rgt.697.

Allthough 2 documents show some staining,a great grouping of a well known division.

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SS photolot (16x) - SS "Verfügungstruppe" Hitler - Himmler

S photolot - SS "Verfügungstruppe" Hitler - Himmler

Great photolot of 16 photos which have been taken by a during a parade in the early years.

The photos show men of the "Nachrichtenzug" (signal) SS "Verfügungstruppe" which were trained in the Dachau barracks wearing thier black uniforms.

9 x 12 cms.

Rare photolot!

Code: 53180Price: 225.00 EUR

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