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Period commemorative book entitled:

Period commemorative book entitled: "Wehrdienst-Ehrendienst" (unissued condition!)

Neat period commemorative book entitled: "Wehrdienst-Ehrendienst" in mint (unissued-) condition.

These well-known books were intended to illustrate the training-period (for example with photos & documents) and could be privately acquired in WH-canteens etc.

This example is clearly unissued and was simply never used.  read more

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Allied propaganda-newspaper as published in German language, dated: 26-9-1944

Allied propaganda-newspaper as published in German language, dated: 26-9-1944

Neat British propaganda-newspaper which was issued by the allies in order to dis-encourage the German troops.

The issue of demotivating the opposite troops was something that was frequently done by both sides: this one originates from the period when the Germans just succeeded to conquer the British troops at Arnhem.

This paper has seen some"action" but is...  read more

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WH (Heeres) 3-pieced award-document grouping - Schtz.Rgt.4 / 6. Pz.Div. - Blum

WH (Heeres) 3-pieced award-document grouping - Schtz.Rgt.4 / 6. Pz.Div. - Blum

Neat 'been there trio' which belonged to Konrad Blum who served within the: "Stabskomp.Schtz.Rgt.4" as part of the 6.Pz.Division.

Blum must have seen action within the Infanterie-wing of the Pz.Division. He was repectively stationed in the towns of Leningrad, Moscow, Rshew, Charkow and Dnjepr.

For his efforts Blum was awarded the EK II Kl. (dated 22-5-1942...  read more

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WH (Luftwaffe) Wehrpass/award-document grouping - Flakrgt.231 - Horn

WH (Luftwaffe) Wehrpass/award-document grouping - Flakrgt.231 - Horn

This grouping belonged to Konrad Horn who served within several Flak units from 1936 to 1944.

Horn was dismissed from military service on 7-2-1944 (apparently because of malfunctioning).

He was trained for the 2cm Flak 30.

The "Gefechtskalender" is only flled-in for 1940 but should have been quiet long since Horn earned 4 awards. There are n...  read more

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Rarely seen

Rarely seen "Feldpost" chess-game

Rare "Feldpost" chess-game which was intended to be sent to the serving troops in the field.

Most of these fragile games were indeed sent to the front and were normally not intended to be brought home again.

Threrefore it will not be easy to obtain a nice - and almost - complete example.

The game is in overall fine condition but due to the fa...  read more

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Period book entitled:

Period book entitled: "Kampf um Volk und Reich" - bearing a period dedication conc. the "Kampfgeschwader "Hindenburg"

Nice period book concerning the German history in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

What makes this book special is the handwritten text ie. caligraphed dedication inside that reads: 'Zur Erinnerung an den Einsatz im Osten IV./Kampfgeschwader "Hindenburg" 1 im Osten, 1-2-1943'

It means: In rememrance of the involvement in the East in 1942/1943.
<...  read more

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Out-of-print "Hohenstaufen"-related book entitled: "Verkauft und Verraten"

Hard to find book entitled: "Verkauft und Verraten" translated as "Sold and Betrayed" by the author Lothar v. Greelen.

A very good reference-book providing the complete history of the 9th.SS Division "Hohenstaufen" that provides the divisions'-tale starting from Tarnopol untill the beginning of 1945.

One of the first reference-books that showed the "German ...  read more

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Award-document set WH (Luftwaffe) - Flakrgt. 4 / 18. Flak Div.- Wulfert

Award-document set WH (Luftwaffe) - Flakrgt. 4 / 18. Flak Div.- Wulfert

Nice 3-pieced set belonged to Unteroffizier Karl Wulfert who served with the: Flakkolonne II./Flakrgt.4 as a part of 18th.Flak Div.

Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1 Okt.1938

EK II award document dated 26-9-1942 and signed by Generalmajor Richard Reimann Ritterkreuz (3. April 1945) Eichenlaub (20. April 1945).

This set comes with an not that c...  read more

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Decorative "Sterbensurkunde" (or death-award") - Gren.Rgt. 84 - Cords

Fine and decorative large-sized "Sterbensurkunde" concerning the death of Friedrich Cords who served within the 5th.Kompanie / Gren.Rgt.84 as a part of the 102th. Inf.Div.

These decorative remembrance documents were sent to the next of kin of the concerning soldier and could be considered as smal a memorial to all who were killed in action.

It comes with a ...  read more

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3 pieced award-document set WH (Luftwaffe) -  le.Flak Abt.717 - Clausing

3 pieced award-document set WH (Luftwaffe) - le.Flak Abt.717 - Clausing

Neat 3 pieced award-document set which belonged to Hermann Clausing who served with the: "le. Flakabt.717".

He received the Ost-medaille dated 7-8-1942 and signed by his Batteriechef.

After seen some action in Russia Clausing went to Italy.

The E.K.II.Kl. award-document is dated 19-06-1944 and signed by the General der Flieger u. kommandieren...  read more

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