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"Waffen-SS" citation - 13.Waffen Geb.Div. "Handschar" (kroat.Nr.1) - Krause

KvK II m.Schw. citation of "SS-Rottenführer" Günther Krause who served within SS-Geb.Jg.Rgt.28 of the 13.Geb.Div. "Handschar" (kroat.Nr.1)

The document has been signed by "SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS" Desiderius Hampel (RK 3-5-1945)!!

2) Handwritten promotion document to "Rottenführer" which has been signed by the commanding officer.  read more

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Soldbuch /citation /photoalbum - WH (Heer) - Hermes

Soldbuch /citation /photoalbum - WH (Heer) - Hermes

Soldbuch,citation and photoalbum of "Gefreiter" Georg Hermes who served within Kav.Gr.Werfer!! Abt.70 /870 of the 4.Kav.Brigade

1) Nice Soldbuch of Hermes who was handed out a M.P.40 with 2 "Taschen" (pouches) and 6 "Magazinen"

Hermes was awarded the EK II.

2) EK II citation which has been issued at the "Brigade Gefechtsstand" (brigade commandpost) ...  read more

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"Dienstausweis" (I.D.) - "Polizei" - Jackel

"Dienstausweis" (I.D.) of "Gendarmerie Wachtmeister der Reserve" Alois Jackel who served within "Kreis" (district/area) Bärn  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - deathcard - "LSSAH" - Wurzer

Deathcard of "SS-Schütze" Josef Wurzer who served within the "LSSAH" and who was KIA on 6-12-1943

Note:Wurzer has the "LSSAH" slip-on shoulderboards!  read more

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Wehrpass -  WH (Heer) - 85.Inf.Inf.Div. - Gigl

Wehrpass - WH (Heer) - 85.Inf.Inf.Div. - Gigl

Wehrpass of "Gefreiten" Hermann Gigl who served within (M.G.)/"Maschinengewehr"?Gren.Rgt.185 of the 85.Inf.Div.

Gigl was awarded the EK II and the BWB for his efforts during the fightings under command of the "9.Armee"

Gigl had both his big toes frozen before he was hit in his belly and died.  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - citation set - SS-Werfer Abt.102 - Hüninger.

Citation set of "SS-Oberscharführer" Karl Hüninger who served within Stabsbattr./ SS-Werfer Abt.102 under command of the II.SS-Pz.Korps

1) "Ahnenpass" (ancestral passport) of Hüninger who lived on the "Bundesstrasse Adolf Hitler"

2) Promotion form to "Polizeiwachtmeister" of Hüninger which has been signed by Erik von Heimburg who finished the war as "Generalmajor d...  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - deathcard - "Deutschland" - Kranziger

"Waffen-SS" deathcard of "Sturmmann" Matthias Kranziger who served within the "VT" regiment "Deutschland" and who is wearing the "VT" sidecap.

Note Nr.1 collar tab!!  read more

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Soldbuch /

Soldbuch / "EKM" / "Feldpost" grouping WH (Heer) - "Armeewaffenschule 5" - Brinkmann

Soldbuch , "EKM" and "Feldpost" grouping of "Leutnant" Ernst Brinkmann who served in few totally different units ,like Res.Gren.Btl.588 ,Gren.Rgt.12 ,Feld Ers.Btl.1560 and "Armeewaffenschule 5"

Brinkmann started as "Grenadier" and managed to be promoted to "Leutnant"!! in less than 2 years period!!

Brinkmann bought himself out of "Heeresbeständen" (army stock) a ...  read more

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Citation -  WH (Heer) - 78.Inf.Div. - Schrezenmaier

Citation - WH (Heer) - 78.Inf.Div. - Schrezenmaier

Nicely filled-in "Deutsche Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen" citation of "Gefreiten" Josef Schrezenmaier who served within Inf.Rgt.215 of the 78.Inf.Div.

The document bears the stamped signature of "Oberstleutnant" and regimental commander Ludwig Merker (RK 18-11-1941 ,DKiG 27-5-1942)

Merker finished as "Generalleutnant"!  read more

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KC recipient photos -197.Inf.Div. - Ruederer

KC recipient photos -197.Inf.Div. - Ruederer

2 photos of "Oberstleutnant" Ludwig Ruederer RK 23-10-1941) who commanded Inf.Rgt.332 of the 197.Inf.Div.

1) Photo (6x9 cms.) with personal writing on the back

2) Period glas framed photo (8x11 cms.) with also personal writing on the back  read more

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