Wehrpass - KM - Hartmann

Wehrpass - KM - Hartmann

Wehrpass of Paul Hartmann who was drafted for service in the KM.

Although there are no real entries in the Wehrpass it comes with a very nice and rarely seen matching protective cover. read more

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"Wehrmacht-Führerschein"(drivers-license) - Gebhardt

"Wehrmacht-Führerschein"(drivers-license) of Karl Gebhardt who served within Kraftfahr Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abt.26 read more

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Soldbuch WH (Heer) - 348.Inf.Div./242.Inf.Div. - Koppelkamm

Soldbuch WH (Heer) - 348.Inf.Div./242.Inf.Div. - Koppelkamm

Soldbuch of "Obergefreiten" Fridalin Koppelkamm who served within Gren.Rgt.864 of the 348.Inf.Div. which was destroyed at Normandie and finally within Gren.Rgt.765 of 242.Inf.Div.which was destroyed at Toulon and Nizza in August 1944.

Koppelkamm was fully eqiupped in April/Mai 1944!! so there is a certain reasonable chance he was involved?!  read more

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Photolot - 14.Inf.Div./

Photolot - 14.Inf.Div./"Panzer"

Photolot of a soldier who served within Inf.Rgt.11 of the 14.Inf.Div. and who seems to have been transferred to a "Panzer" unit. read more

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Wehrpass/citation grouping - WH (Heer) - 160.Inf.Div. - (born in Danmark -  Paulsen

Wehrpass/citation grouping - WH (Heer) - 160.Inf.Div. - (born in Danmark - Paulsen

Wehrpass and citations of Hans Paulsen who originated from Danmark and who served within various "Panzerjäger" and infantry units.

1) Wehrpass of Paulsen who was trained for the use of the 3,7 cm ,the 5 cm and the 7,5 cm Pak (Panzerabwehrkanone/anti-tank gun)

Paulsen participated in the "Angriff gegen Maas und Peel Stellung" and the conquest of the Isle of Walchere... read more

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Citation KM - Marinebordflakbrigade Nord - Schröder

Citation KM - Marinebordflakbrigade Nord - Schröder

EK II citation of "Matrosenobergefreiten" Mannfred Schröder who served under command of Marinebordflakbrigade Nord.

The document has been signed by "Vizeadmiral und Kommandeur Marinebordflakbrigade Nord" Fritz Lamprecht read more

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Wehrpass /Soldbuch - WH (Heer) -

Wehrpass /Soldbuch - WH (Heer) - "Afrika" - Hermann

Wehrpass and Soldbuch of "Obergefreiter" Rolf Hermann who served within several very unusual units concerning Africa.

1) "Zweitschrift" Wehrpass of Hermann who served within "Kontrollinspektion Afrika" , "Casablanca" ,Stab Deutsch-Arabische Lehr Abt. and the Deutsch-Arabische-Inf Batl.845!!

Although Hermann had several awards ,only the "Ärmelband Afrika" ,and the... read more

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"Wehrmacht-Führerschein" - Pz.Gren.Ausb.-Btl.4 - Ivanowski

"Wehrmacht-Führerschein" (drivers-license) of Erich Ivanowski who served within Pz.Gren.Ausb.-Btl.4 read more

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Servicebook - N.S.D.A.P. - Nencke

Servicebook - N.S.D.A.P. - Nencke

Servicebook of Hermann Nencke who entered the N.S.D.A.P. on 1-3-1933.

Nencke served within "Ortsgruppe Nindorf" of the N.S.D.A.P. and is shown with a typical and rarely seen "A" collar tab indicating the function of the "Ausbildngswesen"(trainer) within the S.A. read more

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Citation - WH (Heer) -  Sich.Btl.738 - Jahn

Citation - WH (Heer) - Sich.Btl.738 - Jahn

Unusual BWB citation of "Grenadier" Willi Jahn who served within Sicherungs Btl.738 which was a independent security unit under command of the 9.Armee.

The citation was issued at "Reserve Lazarett Reichenstein" read more

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