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"Deutsches Theater in den Niederlanden" poster - 1943

"Deutsches Theater in den Niederlanden" poster depicting the upcoming program.

The poster has been folded and adressed to the HQ of the Dutch N.S.B. !!!  read more

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Soldbuch/citation -  WH (Heer) -110.Inf.Div. / 73.Inf.Div. - Leidel

Soldbuch/citation - WH (Heer) -110.Inf.Div. / 73.Inf.Div. - Leidel

Soldbuch and citation of "SanitätsStabsgefreiten" Hans Leidel who served within 110.Inf.Div. (stated by related paperwork) and Sanitäts Komp.299 under command of the 73.Inf.Div.

1) "Ersatzausfertigung" Soldbuch of Leidel which was given a new "Kriegsmarine"!! cover.

Leidel was awarded the "Ostmedaille" ,the "Kraftfahrbewährungs Abzeichen in Bronze" and the KvK II ...  read more

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Citation set -  WH (Heer) - 9.Pz.Div. -

Citation set - WH (Heer) - 9.Pz.Div. - "Bergepanzer" - Rust

Citation set of "Gefreiten" Otto Rust who served within Bergezug-Pz.Werkstatt-Kp./Pz.Rgt.33 under command of the 9.Px.Div.

1) "Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber" (tankcrew) citation which has been signed by "Major" Bernd-Joachim Freiherr von Maltzahn ("Anerkennungsurkunde des OKH 7-7-1941" ,DKiG 17-11-1941 ,RK 14-2-1945)

2) EK II citation which has been signed by "Obe...  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - propaganda photo-1943

"Waffen-SS" ,Italian propaganda photo (18x24 cms.) which is dated 1943 and which shows a M.G.42 crew with "Swimmwagen"

Great photo!!  read more

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Deathcard -

Deathcard - "Waffen-SS" - "LSSAH" - Puska

Deathcard of "SS-Sturmmann" Pepi Puska who served within the "LSSAH" of the "Waffen-SS" who opertated a "M.G.Schütze" (machinegunner) and who was KIA on 10-12-1943 at Shitomir

Great lay-out!  read more

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Soldbuch  WH (Heer) - Heeres Küsten Art.Abt.475 - Kreta - Köppe

Soldbuch WH (Heer) - Heeres Küsten Art.Abt.475 - Kreta - Köppe

Soldbuch of "Sanitäts Unteroffizier" Fritz Köppe who served within Heeres Küsten Art.Abt.475 which was stationed at Crete.

Köppe was awarded the KvK II M.Schw. (merit cross)

This nice Soldbuch (complete ,few loose pages) comes with the "Personalausweis" of Köppe and several additional documents related to his POW service in the British "Netley" hospital in Spitt...  read more

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Photolot - burial - POW - U.S.A

Photolot - burial - POW - U.S.A

Interesting and unusual photolot (22 x)of a burial of a German POW in a POW camp in the U.S.A

Interesting is the fact that the whole burial order is executed according the official German way ,except the fact is takes place in U.S. captivity and under U.S. supervision.

Note the U.S. hearse ,the swastika flag ,the U.S. gun salute and the bleached DAK caps!!
<...  read more

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Citation - WH (Heer) -  18.Inf.Div. - Matthäus

Citation - WH (Heer) - 18.Inf.Div. - Matthäus

EK II citation of "Füsillier" Rudolf Matthäus who served within Inf.Rgt.51 of the 18.Inf.Div.

The citation has been issued on 7-7-1940 in France,during the "Blitzkrieg"

The document has been signed by "Generalmajor" Friedrich-Carl Cranz (RK 29-7-1940)

Cranz was killed due to a miss during artillery sharpshooting! at "Trppenübungsplatz Neuhammer" (sho...  read more

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O.T. (Organisation-Todt) -

O.T. (Organisation-Todt) - "Dienstbuch" - Mölders

O.T. (Organisation-Todt) - "Dienstbuch" (service book) of Gerhard Mölders who served within "Oberbauleitung Geldern"

Mölders served during "Kampfhandlungen im Operationsgebiet" (combat actions in operational area) to repair bridges and roads which were damaged during the "Blitzkrieg" in Belgium and France.

Never had a photo added!

Near mint conditi...  read more

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"Unsere Waffen-SS" - postcard

"Unsere Waffen-SS" - postcard: "Kavallerie auf einem Uebungsritt"  read more

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