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Citation set -  WH (Heer) - 13.Pz.Div. - Seebach

Citation set - WH (Heer) - 13.Pz.Div. - Seebach

Citation set of "Obergefreiten" Josef Seebach who served within Pz.Gren.Rgt.4 of the 13.Pz.Div.

1) "Ostmedaille" citation " which has been signed by "Leutnant" and "Adjutant"?

2) KvK II m.Schw. citation which has been issued at the "Divisions Gefechtsstand" (divisional commandpost) and which has been signed by "Hauptmann" and "Adjutant" Baüer?  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - soldbuch - 15.Waffen-Gren.Div.der SS (lettische Nr.1) - Skutaus

Bilangual (Latvian /German) Soldbuch of "Waffen-Grenadier" Jänis Skutaus who served within Waffen Gren.Rgt.der SS 33 of the 15.Waffen-Gren.Div.der SS (lettische Nr.1)

Skutaus was awarded the "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber"

Skutaus was trained in the use of "Gewehr K98" ,"Pi.38" and the "R.Pz.B.54" (Raketenpanzerbuchse 54 aka "Panzerschreck") and was issued al...  read more

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Berlin / A.H. photocards

Berlin / A.H. photocards

12 photocards (7 x 9 cms.) of Berlin ,A.H. and the "Reichskanzlei"  read more

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Wehrpass / citations -  WH (Heer) - 376.Inf.Div. - Bach

Wehrpass / citations - WH (Heer) - 376.Inf.Div. - Bach

1) Wehrpass of "Unteroffizier" Rudolf Bach who served within many different units.
The last unit Bach served in was:Inf.Rgt.767 of the 376.Inf.Div.

Bach was awarded the BWB and the "Infanterie-Stürmabzeichen in Silber" for his efforts during the fightings in France and Russia.

On their way to Stalingrad (where it would be destroyed) ,Bach was KIA on 6-10-194...  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - citation set - "Kampfgruppe Keitel" - Hauske

Citation set of "SS-Oberschütze" Reinhard Hauske who served within Panzer Jäger Abt.37 which operated under command of "Kampfgruppe Keitel" (named after "SS-Obersturmbannführer Karl-Heinz Keitel" ,son of "GFM"Wilhelm Keitel)

1) EK II citation which has been signed by "SS-Gruppenführer" and "Generalleutnant der Waffen SS" Hermann Priess (RK 28-4-1943 ,EL 9-9-1943 ,Schw.24-4-1944)...  read more

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"Vorschlag"(proposal) - KC - 208.Inf.Div. - Pankow

"Vorschlag"(proposal) for the KC award to "Obergefreiter" Georg Pankow (EK II ,EK I,BWB ,"Ostmedialle" and finally the KC!!!) , who commanded a "s.M.G." (heavy machinegun) within Gre.Rgt.338 of the 208.Inf.Div. ,and who managed to all by himself to keep the Russian attack at distance.
Result: over 250 death russians were counted in front of his stand!!!!

The proposal has...  read more

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Soldbuch /

Soldbuch / "EKM" WH (Heer) - Stab/Standarte Rommel - "Festung Dünkirchen" - Heyne

Soldbuch and "EKM" of "Feldwebel" Franz Heyne who served within few different infantry units.
The last unit ,Heyne served in was: Stab/Standarte Rommel

This specific unit was stationed in the "Festung Dünkirchen" (Dunkirk)

Heyne was awarded the EK II ,the "Ostmedaille" and the KvK II m.Schw. (for service within the 49.Inf.Div.during fightings in Italy and ...  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - "Führerschein" - SS.Art.Ers.Rgt. - Grothe

"Waffen-SS" - "Führerschein" (drivers-License) of Heinrich Grothe who served within 12/SS.Art.Ers.Rgt.

Although the pass has been almost divided in 2 parts ,a great SS "Führerschein"  read more

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"Wehrdienst-Ehrendienst" - commemorative album

Unused commemorative album "Wehrdienst-Ehrendienst"

Considering the content it was meant for a pioneer unit soldier.  read more

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Wehrpass -  WH (Heer) - 197.Inf.Div. - Braun

Wehrpass - WH (Heer) - 197.Inf.Div. - Braun

Wehrpass of "Obergefreiter" Heinrich Braun who served within Inf.Rgt.321 of the 197.Inf.Div.

Braun was awarded the SWB and the EK II for his efforts during "Sicherung der Niederlanden" (securing the Netherlands) and service in Russia

Braun seems not to have been recovered from the "Granatsplitter im linker Oberschenkel" (shrapnel in right thigh) enough ,to serve co...  read more

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