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RAD "Dienstausweis" - RAD Abt.4/280 - Weber

Not often seen worn RAD "Dienstausweis" (I.D.) of Eberhardt Weber who served within RAD Abt.4/280 Weismain 1937 (among others)

Weber served within France from 30-5-1944 untill 31-8-1944!! (Luftflotte 3)  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - Studiophoto - 1942 Radolfzell

Great postcard size photo of an "Unterscharführer" (aka "Uscha") of the "Waffen-SS"

The photo was taken at a professional studio in Radolfzell (most probably staff of the "U.F.S. Radolfzell")  read more

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Wehrpass -  WH (Heer) - 22 L.L.Div. - Nienaber

Wehrpass - WH (Heer) - 22 L.L.Div. - Nienaber

Wehrpass of "Gefreiten" Hermann Nienaber who served within Inf.Rgt.47 of the 22.Luftlande Div.

Nienaber was wounded at head and shoulder by shrapnel when he visited the "Hühnengrab Assis" (special divisional cemetery of the 22.LL.Div.) and seems to have DOW on 28-11-1941 in Luftwaffe Lazarett Bükarest (Romania)

Nienaber was awarded the BWB

Nice entry...  read more

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Studiophoto - KM

Studiophoto - KM

Studiophoto of a KM "Maat" who has served during WW I and who has been awarded the EK II and the BWB.  read more

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Citation - KM - 9.Sicherungsdivision - Frölje

Citation - KM - 9.Sicherungsdivision - Frölje

"Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch ,Ubootsjagd und Sicherungsverbände" citation of "Matrosen Obergefreiten" Helmut Frölje who served under command of the 9.Sicherungsdivision

The document has been issued "An Bord" and has been signed by "Fregattenkapitän" and commander of the 9.Sicherungsdivision (DKiG 1-9-1942 ,KC 27-11-19444 ,EL 10-5-1945)!!!  read more

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Soldbuch Luftwaffe - lei.z.b.V.Battr.7398 - Holzmüller

Soldbuch Luftwaffe - lei.z.b.V.Battr.7398 - Holzmüller

Soldbuch of "Wachtmeister" Josef Holzmüller who served within few different Flak units before he ended-up within lei.z.b.V.Battr.7398 (light special purpose Flak unit)

Holzmüller was awarded the "Medaille für Sudetengau" ,the KvK II m.Schw. ,the "Flakkampfabzeichen" ,the EK II and the EK I !!!

Great aged Soldbuch!  read more

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"Waffen-SS" - studiophoto

"Waffen-SS" studiophoto of an "Unterscharführer" (aka "Uscha") 13x18 cms.  read more

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Citation  -  WH (Heer) -  56.Inf.Div. - Oppenheimer

Citation - WH (Heer) - 56.Inf.Div. - Oppenheimer

Bwb citation of "Grenadier" Ulrich Oppenheimer who served within Radf.(bicycle) Komp.Gren.Rgt.171 of the 56.Inf.Div.

Oppenheimer was treated for his wound in Reserve Lazarett Geldern

Comes with the "Fragebogen" (questionnaire) of the Military government of Germany  read more

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"Waffen-SS" postcard - "Melde dich freiwillig zur Waffen-SS" - Anton

"Waffen-SS" postcard "Melde dich freiwillig zur Waffen-SS" by Ottomar Anton  read more

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Wehrpass -  WH (Heer) - 61.Inf.Div. - Masüth

Wehrpass - WH (Heer) - 61.Inf.Div. - Masüth

Wehrpass of "Unteroffizier" Albert Masüth who served within Inf.Rgt.176 of the 61.Inf.Div.

Masüth was awarded the "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen" ,the SWB ,the EK II and the "Ostmedaille" for his efforts during the fightings in Latvia and Estonia.

On 30-11-1941,Masüth was hit by shrapnel and stayed in various hospitals since then untill h ewas released from active serv...  read more

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